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What Is Reverse Records?

Imagine being able to find out who is calling you, where their phone is registered, and even having access to public records in less than ten minutes. Reverse Records features information on unlisted numbers, cellular numbers and can even give you information on public records in less than ten minutes easily, making it a simple and efficient process to have the records that you need.

Reverse Records is a good tool to have at your disposal if you have prank callers, or if you simply need to find someone using their old phone number. Even though the records are kept current, there are many ways to find public information using a simple cell or home number. If you are looking for an easy way to find someone, this is definitely it.

Does Reverse Records Really Work?

Reverse Records is one of the best sites available for finding telephone information, and it is not a scam. You will be able to access the information that you are looking for with a onetime payment of $39.95, which will give you access to an instant report and one year’s worth of unlimited phone lookups. If you simply want to use the service once, then you can also choose a onetime payment of $14.95 for an instant access report.

You can also choose to run a comprehensive background report on Reverse Records, which will include information such as neighbor’s names, a sex offender check and any court records that exist on the person. This service can cost a little extra, but when you are dating someone new, have a new babysitter, or simply need to know more about someone, it is well worth the extra cost.

What Have Other Users Said?

Knowing that a service is worth your money does take a little research, but we have taken the work out of looking for customer comments by compiling these samples for you to check out. Remember that many people have used this service, and that there are plenty more on the web that you can read over. These comments will help you learn more about the service, and here is what they have to say:


“ enables users to do more than simply locate someone via a reverse lookup. allows users to take control of their lives by helping them make informed decisions about the people they come into contact with, by chance or by choice.”

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“You can use the person’s name for a background report, or you can use a telephone number, a social security number or an address to find out about the people that you are interested in, as well. The search includes names from a database of 400 million records, so if there is any history of the person, you are sure to find it.”

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“Another great aspect of is the background records. From credit history checks for financial partners, to criminal and arrest records for anyone you feel like reading up on.”

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 “If you are working on a genealogy project, you will find plenty of useful information at Birth records, marriage records and death records are all available, and if you use the service you should be able to chart your family tree in just a few searches.”

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The product reviews show you that there is more than just phone numbers and addresses on Reverse Records; there are records from everything in a person’s life.

Would You Recommend Reverse Records?

If you want to know more about someone in your life or if you want access to information on people who are calling you, then Reverse Records is one of the best sites to use. The service is also backed by a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

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